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Our mission is to help organizations builld better marketing strategies by understanding the data that drives their most important decisions through a comprehensive data-driven approach and services.

How We Got Started

Analytics Angels was founded to help close the gap between differences in understanding on how to properly use marketing technology and data within an organization. Even with all the tools that are at your disposal these days, many companies still face challenges with data governance, martech implementation practices, effective full-funnel reporting, dashboard functionality, and more.  

Our main goal at Analytics Angels is to educate our clients on good data culture and practices for data management, and to break down the barriers between teams. We hope to imbue our clients with an approach and philosophy that makes them acutely aware that measurement of your business activities is something that needs to be engrained in your business strategy and built into every single marketing activity. You must hold every action accountable for being measured, and measured in a way that follows your measurement strategy. It cannot be an afterthought, and it cannot be siloed between teams.

The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.

John Tukey, American Mathematician

At Analytics Angels, we are analysts and strategists that understand the IT/engineering side of the house, and your marketing and sales business requirements. We have the best of both the creative and technical worlds and can accomplish many tasks and have knowledge of many martech tools. Some people refer to this as the “data unicorn,” in a business because, as one client put it, our work is magical and we should not exist. We truly enjoy educating our clients to use data to glean actionable insights and drive critical business decisions.

Who We Are

We are a team of digital marketing professionals who want to make your business better by better being able to tell what your customers want.

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Analytics Angels provides industry leading analytics for your business. We allow you to better understand who your customers are and what they want.

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See how the Analytics Angels team have helped clients' work through and understand challenging data scenarios.

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Our partners, mentors, and team are the core of Analytics Angels. With over 50 years of collective experience, our people have a passion for working to help the organizations we serve reach their potential.

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Owner and Marketing Data Expert
Jenn Sturgill

Jenn Sturgill has been in analytics and digital strategy for over ten years, primarily in the high-tech industry. She has worked with B2B companies ranging from small established organizations to large corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Marketo. She uses data to glean actionable insights to drive critical business decisions. She also loves unicorns, snowboarding, travelling the world, and dancing to House music.

Graphic Designer and Content Strategist
Megan Collier

Megan developed her affinity for fine art and typography, while developing a strong foundation in design fundamentals at the Academy of Art. She has worked in and around marketing and graphic design for the past 5 years, and began her freelance design business specializing in branding and web design in the spring of 2016. When she’s not working, Megan loves to cook, make people laugh uncontrollably, and travels all ends of the world.

Growth Marketing
Carol Tran

Carol is a veteran entrepreneur with 12+ years of marketing and branding expertise in developing targeted, cost-effective programs that generate profitable ROI. Her background includes work with: Nordstrom, Bare Essentials, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Zenni Optical, San Francisco Opera, Microsoft, and eBay. We highly value Carol’s loyal and spunky attitude, thought process, and modern marketing approach.

Multi-Media Expert
Darran Bruce

Darran has over 24 years of experience working in digital media. He has producing credits on four different television series, including CoolOut2GX, Phantazmagoria, ITV/ITV LIVE, and on more than a two dozen other video productions with local companies such as Seattle Events and Microsoft. Mr. Bruce’s goal is to provide more access and opportunities for independent artists, producers, and businesses in the greater Puget Sound Region.

Digital Marketing Strategist
Rion Haber

Rion has a ten year background working with social sales and marketing funnels, building results through attribution modeling, advertising, and more. Rion is also a huge dog-lover and generous philanthropist who works with the PAWS organization each year to raise funding for the protection of animals. Rion also has roots in managing historic establishments in Seattle and is well-respected among the community.

Product Marketing & Social Strategist
D'lainia Boynton

D'Laina is a results-driven marketing manager with over eight years’ of experience in marketing consultancy, project management and social media management. She possesses a strong expertise in marketing operations as well as process development for program/project management of technology marketing-related campaigns. D'Laina is also a talent cultivator and creator of communities. She is an avid volunteer in her town and a very friendly but steadfast person to have around.

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