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Better understand how Anaytics Angels help your organization define, plan, and execute on growth around key performance indicators.

Measurement matters now more than ever. Executives and business leaders are drowning in data as they have access to powerful marketing technology and tools that produce endless streams of information about prospects, website visitors, leads, and customers. You might be familiar with some of these tools: Lead Lizard, Marketo, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Webtrends, Salesforce, etc. However, data without analysis is simply noise. You need to dig deeper than just the surface to unlock your potential to accelerate both your organizational and personal success through thoughtful examination of your data. This may include: aligning marketing KPIs with overall business goals, bringing structure and meaning to numbers by giving them context against your historical benchmarks, and adapting campaign strategies in real-time by optimizing your tactics and content. Turn your data into intelligence!

Unlike an agency, Analytics Angels only runs one arm of marketing, and that is the data-driven, modern marketing arm. We pride ourselves on being very focused on driving results with results for continual improvement. We do have strategic partners for larger projects, but overall have a more streamlined and leaner approach operationally.
· Analytics Angels has cultivated a deep understanding of how to drive results having been on marketing data teams for both SMB and enterprise-level companies, and our perspective is unique in that we have gotten our hands dirty in every level of the process. We not only understand top-of-funnel tactics and tools, but also middle-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel metrics and platforms, and we know how to work with cross-functional teams whether small agency groups or larger v-teams at corporations.
· We are very passionate about marketing analytics, staying abreast of all the latest marketing analytics news and trends. This is the one thing we do and do well. We are not focused on anything else but proper marketing data analytics and have years of combined experience in project management, agile marketing, client service, and data analysis. The technology landscape is constantly changing and we go with the flow, not against it. Unlike larger firms, we are more nimble and adaptable for our clients.
· Analytics Angels is pretty much platform agnostic as well. If we're not well-versed in a specific platform, our learning curve is slim to none given all of the experience we have in other related platforms. This is not an easy skill to find in a consultant - the "data unicorn" per say.

John Wanamaker famously said, "About half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the problem is I don't know which half." A 100 years ago, marketing measurement was not as easy as it is today. Nowadays we have so much data coming at us from several different marketing tools that it can be overwhelming. Analytics Angels helps you choose the right metrics for your organization and business objective -- we help you first understand what data you have, then how to explore it, then how to harness it to help improve your bottom line.
· A typical analytics project or engagement with Analytics Angels is generally divided into the following six stages:
o Research & Discovery:
· Every successful marketing campaign has a clear business objective at its root. Analytics Angels will help you find that goal and home in on the right metrics to help you move the needle on your bottom line. We will run benchmarking exercises to ensure that your goal is aligned with your true potential.
o Measurement Planning
· We run a full KPI Workshop to help your company identify their core metrics based on their business objectives. Analytics Angels enforces achievable goals through a structured scorecard which will prioritize your marketing goals by funnel stage.
o Tracking & Tagging
· With the cooperation of your business leaders, Analytics Angels will come up with a measurement framework to properly outline all micro-conversions and macro-conversions that need to be tagged on your website and implement those tags. We will also create custom campaign tracker tools, like for UTM parameters, to build your custom campaign links. We will ensure that the correct data is being supplied to track progress against your goal.
o Reports & Dashboards
· Once all your data is being properly tracked and collected, Analytics Angels will build custom reports or dashboards to track weekly, monthly, and yearly progress on your business goals. We will work with your teams to gain access to all data sources and will pull and transform the data. If you have many large data sets that you need to blend, no problem, we can help with that as well.
o Data Analysis
· The report and dashboard builds that we make will enable us to perform the correct analysis on all your data, gleaning observations and anomalies through various analytical methods, including statistical. We look at your metrics by stage in funnel and whether or not they are builders or drivers.
o Data Storytelling
· Data analysis is all about exploring the data, and data storytelling is all about explaining it with actionable items at the end. This is where we take everything we have learned from your data and tell you what to do next to help you reach or improve upon your main objectives.

· Analytics Angels is open to negotiating a Statement of Work with any size company, but we prefer to work with established, small and medium-sized companies. These companies are typically those who are thinking about or have bought into some of the marketing technology stack required to collect such data to drive results. For instance, we are open to working with you if you only have free tools, like Google Analytics, and need some guidance on what to do with your data and what it all means. We also work with medium-sized companies that have bought into part of the martech stack, like Marketo, and need guidance on how to use the platform/tool for proper reporting and optimization. We unfortunately do not work with small start-up level companies or bootstrap incubator businesses, however, if you fall in that category we do give free advice on Twitter via @AnalyticsAngel. We also donate some pro-bono hours to smaller companies and NPOs each quarter, please fill out our Contact Us form to find out more.

· We prefer to work on a retainer and project-based budget, and typically 1-2 clients at a time. Our typical contract will run anywhere from 6 months to 12 months. However, we are open to negotiation of any size budget and project. If you have something smaller but super interesting, send it our way. We are data geeks after all! Please fill out the Contact Us form to get a quote on your project.

· When you are looking into purchasing any modern marketing tools, we would implore you to do some research within your company on whether or not it will help you accomplish your business objective, and secondly interview the vendor. Here are some questions you can ask them:
o What is the difference between your tool and free tools?
o How is the data captured?
o How is the data exported?
o What is the total cost?
o What is in your free support vs. managed?
o Do you provide free training?
o What data integration is available to other tools?
· Ask yourselves:
o What questions are you trying to answer? What info do you need?
o What resources do you actually have to use the tool?
o What budget do you have?

· Here are some basic tools to get you started:
o Google Analytics (free web analytics)
o Hootsuite (social planning)
o Bit.ly or other shortener for link tracking
o A/B testing tool like Optimizely (free trial)

· In short, the answer is no. We are a digitally-savvy, modern marketing analytics firm. We do help set up your content for A/B testing, but we are not designing the actual content. We work with our strategic partners in graphic design on those portions of the project. We would be focused on the reporting and analysis for optimizing those campaigns and communicating the results with the web dev and design teams to improve the content. Essentially, we would tell the content teams next steps for improvement and they would implement those changes. We also write content on occasion that is analytics-focused, but that is more ad hoc and on a case-by-case basis.

1. Define everything - know your dimensions, metrics, and segments; which tell stories about your conversions?
2. Categorize all conversions on your site - micro and macro

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