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Not everyone is a statistician and likes to look at a bunch of numbers splashed on a page. When you’re staring at figures and numbers that are not compared to anything or that do not have any meaning it is hopeless to know what to do with all the data you’ve just collected and reported on. What’s your action? Data analysis is a skill, and data storytelling is a combination of art and science. An art and science that we LOVE at Analytics Angels.

We can work closely with your team to comb through all the data, run some analysis to find interesting moments, trends, and anomalies so we can sift through all of the noise and find the music. We do not care to look at vanity metrics–we’re all about stacking up your results against your KPIs. We can use these numbers to your advantage! Need help selling a new marketing program internally? Let’s look at doing a pilot and seeing the incremental lift that it provides to your bottom line or quarterly sales goal, then pitch it to your boss.

What many people do not realize is that data doesn’t have to be a painstaking obligation – you can use data to encourage certain culture at your company, or use it to help you get some funding, penetrate an emerging market, sell a big idea to your CEO. There are so many ways to use the data at your fingertips and it doesn’t have to be daunting. You just need the right kind of coaching and that is where Analytics Angels can step in. Let’s be honest, you can use data to make the world a better place!

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