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Data Management

This might sting a little – are you ready? We know you’re super anxious to get that new-wave digital marketing campaign out the door, but DO NOT spend money on marketing when you have yet to setup proper data collection tracking. You’re basically throwing money into a black hole and hoping to see your scorecard bulk up. Wrong approach. However, this is often the approach many companies take because they do not immediately realize that you need stuff like web analytics tags and campaign tags set up BEFORE you can see how much traffic they bring to your site via a particular campaign or channel. We won’t even get started on taxonomy, because that is something else we teach.

We have probably seen over two handfuls of companies in our time as data geeks spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns and simply not set up correct measurement. The result of this is that the marketing teams end up being blind to how much their campaign affected any opportunity pipeline, thus not getting credit for all their money spent (mystery ROI *sad face*) and also not getting credit for their own time and effort. It is a lose-lose situation for everyone when you do not tag your website and campaigns appropriately.

Luckily for your business, we have a black belt in getting you all tracked/tagged and set up. Once you have the data flowing like gold into a pot at the end of a rainbow, you can start looking at it in a more critical way by monitoring the data and metrics via reporting. There is no one-size-fits-all type of report, as every business might be tracking metrics against different KPIs. We will work closely with your cross-functional teams to generate the type of report you need and that are role- and team-specific. We understand that there can be a gap between what marketing wants and what sales wants, so we work with both teams on what metrics matter and should be monitored.

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