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Data Storytelling

Now that your company can see what’s going on via your data, what actions are you going to take? Analytics Angels works with your internal teams to develop a story about the data to present to your business leaders in various formats, whether that be a document to disseminate or a presentation to your executives or both. At the end of the day, we all love seeing results, but those results need to be actionable. Analytics Angels makes sure to steer you in the right direction with their data storytelling techniques.

We offer a few different levels of data storytelling packages which include:  presenting and explaining the data with visualizations, creating deliverables to disseminate, providing context with the data, and what your next steps or actions should be as a business. We even offer content engine recommendations to drive better and more optimized results. These are all custom layouts, but please ask about our packages for different levels of analysis.

Services included in this package:

  • Data Visualization (Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Tableau)

  • Data Cognition and Telling Your Story

  • Actionable Insights

  • Peer Review and Executive Presentation

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