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Measurement Planning

One of the major challenges you will come up against as a marketer in your company is unrealistic expectations. At Analytics Angels, we help you set those expectations with your leaders and executives. We will train you in a KPI Workshop to:  identify key metrics to track that are aligned with your business objective, how to track and collect this data properly, and set goals for your metrics using your historical benchmarks.

When identifying key metrics, we try to keep something in mind – there is an operational COST to measurement, so we only use metrics you need and do not waste your time. Analytics Angels will help you define your core metrics based on your goals, which can essentially be categorized into three groups:  activity metrics, engagement metrics, and results metrics. Activity metrics are basically letting you know that your marketing motion is viable, but results metrics let you know that it is working toward your goal. For instance, your ad might have a great Click-Through-Rate (CTR) but without knowing the Form Conversion Rate from that CTR, the CTR is sort of useless. It’s a “vanity metric.” Engagement metrics are a great indicator of what’s happening after an activity has taken place, for instance, what else is the visitor doing on your Landing Page once they’ve clicked-through on your ad? Engagement metrics measure goals, like scrolling through content on a page before converting. Engagement metrics can help you improve the user experience.

All of these metrics play into one another to ultimately understand whether or not your campaign was successful for the business and worth the effort you’re investing. Part of the KPI Workshop is to help you build a scorecard to prioritize your marketing goals and think about your metrics by stage of the funnel, collecting core metrics that are most important to the business, and creating some visual that allows you to quickly demonstrate what’s going on. The KPI Workshop is essentially a deep-dive questionnaire session to help us derive and define these goals and your core metrics.

Services included in this package:

  • KPI Workshop

  • Measurement Framework Development

  • Marketing Activities Review

  • Executive Review of Measurement Strategy

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