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Tracking & Tagging

Once you know what metrics you need to measure you can structure your tracking and other campaigns to supply the right kind of data. In order to collect data, you need the right analytics tracking, which can include:  web analytics tagging, event tagging, and campaign tracking and tagging. We know that these concepts can be a little daunting at first, so while we provide management of tracking setup, we also provide comprehensive training on what everything means and why it is crucial. We will also help construct a custom and detailed campaign link building tool (i.e. to construct campaign links with agreed upon UTM parameters).

Most companies utilize Google Analytics for web because it is free, but we can help implement GA as well as any other web analytics platform on your web pages. Event tagging would have to take place via the assistance of a web developer in the actual script of the web pages, or via a tag manager (preferred and recommended). Analytics Angel helps set up event tags in Google Tag Manager and Signal mainly, but we are adaptable to other proprietary platforms as well and are seasoned in working closely with web dev teams.

To find out what you need to tag on your website, Analytics Angel will also take your company through an in-depth exercise with your business leaders and executives to build a measurement framework with an emphasis on conversions.

Services included in this package:

  • Data Collection

  • Google Analytics Audit

  • Google Analytics Setup and Implementation

  • Ongoing Google Analytics Management and Maintenance

  • Tag Manager Configuration and Setup (Signal, Google Tag Manager)

  • Data Layer and Variable Management

  • Event Tag Configuration and Setup

  • Scroll Tracking

  • Marketo Munchkin Tag Management (transferring UTMs and query strings for reporting)

  • Retargeting Pixel Tag Configuration (Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, DemandBase, etc.)

  • Campaign Tracking Strategy

  • Digital Ad Campaign Tracking Setup (UTMs, taxonomy, query strings)

  • Google Analytics Custom Feature Setup (channels, content, advanced segments, etc.)

  • Google Analytics Custom Report and Dashboard Development

  • Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking Configuration, Implementation, and Reporting

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