Establishing a Data-Driven Approach to Enable Full-Funnel Reporting for a Loyalty Software Company - Analytics Angels

Establishing a Data-Driven Approach to Enable Full-Funnel Reporting for a Loyalty Software Company

The Client

bLoyal runs a cloud-hosted and automated loyalty program software that helps companies build profitable and lasting customer relationships through their integrations across sales channels and devices. Their platform brings all customer interactions into one place to provide their clients with rich, multi-channel customer insight that helps you deliver dynamic and personalized customer engagements, like easy customer sign-ups, instant rewards, and more. In 2016, bLoyal launched the latest version of their software hosted on Microsoft Azure, as well as updated their front-end UI. They are active in 14 countries and their goal is to be the global leader in loyalty solutions by 2018.


The Opportunity

The company had been going through many product upgrades, but was not actively employing a go-to-market strategy. In fact, bLoyal was founded by a small group of engineers that were mostly invested in the IT infrastructure of their product, but not so much inbound marketing activities. bLoyal first came to Vox Social, a Seattle-based digital strategy agency, to figure out how they could better their go-to-market platform. As part of that, bLoyal needed to also harness the power of their data in a more optimal way. Their ultimate objective was to be able to see user behavior all throughout the sales and marketing funnel, and track their return on marketing investment properly, as well as start segmenting their customers based on their online behavior with different products. bLoyal essentially wants to use this data to shape their next product bundle. In order to get the data part right, they hired Analytics Angels, a partner of Vox Social.


The Solution

Analytics Angels follows a very data-driven approach that we like to use as our guiding framework in achieving the best possible results for our clients, and it all begins with a discovery process and measurement planning. When bLoyal said they wanted to accomplish all of these goals, like segmenting customers and seeing KPIs all throughout the funnel, Analytics Angels knew that we needed to first develop and build a measurement framework for their website that would allow us to properly track and collect the type of data bLoyal needs to attain to these goals. We split out the project in four phases:


  1. Google Analytics Implementation & Setup – which helped with properly tracking user behavior and campaign data from bLoyal’s website
  2. Google Analytics Custom Feature & Report Builds – this will help bLoyal see the data in a directional and actionable way to make swift and efficient business decisions on how to optimize marketing
  3. Website Tagging Implementation & Setup – this will help bLoyal increase lead conversion on their website and improve overall website flow
  4. Campaign Tracking Strategy – this will help the company formulate a proper and trackable content strategy that we can report on throughout the funnel, so they can actually see KPIs like cost per marketing qualified lead, or cost per session

The Result

The current state is that we have completed Phase 1 of this project for bLoyal. We are successfully collecting and tracking all web data, and all tags in Google Tag Manager have been tested and are running properly. We have also set up a custom report to track their most top-of-mind, and top-of-funnel, core metrics. This way, the bLoyal marketing team can quickly see which pages and channels are their highest performing.