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Analytics Angels offers full-stack analytics and data management services. Our team works with many platforms to help your organization to better understand the information that drives your success.

Research Discovery

Looking to upgrade your bottom line? Analytics Angels helps organizations better utilize data to reach business goals.

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Measurment Planning

Build a measurement framework with your team to identify and implement proper website and campaign tags, and track appropriate data

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Tracking & Tagging

Understand where, how, and why customers are interacting with your digital brand by adding advanced tracking features to your properties.

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Reports & Dashboards

Get tiered custom reports and dashboards at your fingertips to track progress against goals over time.

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Data Analysis

Once we can see all your data in an easy-to-read format, as in a report or dashboard, we can start to explore the data.

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Data Storytelling

Zero in on what your data is trying to tell you and find out what actionable next steps to tell your executive team.

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Analytics Packages

For smaller companies or organizations just beginning their journey towards a deeper understanding of their marketing data, Analytics Angels offers tiered packages to fit your time commitment and budget. Our team can help lay a solid foundation for your growth by performing a full-stack analysis of your data ecosystem, setting up the type of tracking and goals that are right for you, and processing your insights. Contact us for more information.

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Omnichannel Analytics

In a mobile-first environment, understanding how your customers behave across devices is critical.

  • Discover what the omnichannel is and how to re-engage your users.
  • See how a measurement plan can help you regain control over your customer journey.
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Understand Multi-Media Analytics

Multi-Media content is one of the fastest growing ways of engaging your customers. Is rich media helping or hurting your bottom line though? Get real answers to see how many people are actually seeing your content and how it's converting.


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